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Guilin Entertainment

For years, Guilin has successfully built itself as a leading tourist city of China, attracting people not only for its incredible sceneries, but also for some Guilin-styled entertainment activities such as the appreciation of Gui Opera and Guilin folk art forms, night cruise on Liver River etc.

The Li River Yinzuo Ferry is located at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River. This luxury ferry integrates ballroom, bar and Karaoke together. Travelers can admire the fantastic scenery on both banks and enjoy the modern entertainment.

Li River Ethnic Night is made up of Li River Night Cruise and Dancing in the Water Pavilion. The water pavilion is located at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River, next to the Li River Yinzuo Ferry. Travelers can watch the ethnic performance and then enjoy a cruise along the Li River.

Impression - Liu Sanjie is a major performance, which is set in the natural landscape of Yangshuo, and is directed by the famous Chinese director, Zhang Yimo. The stage for the performance is composed of a two-kilometer-long water area with twelve mountains as the background. It is the largest natural theater in the world. The whole performance lasts for about 60 minutes with a cast of some 600 performers, all of whom are local fishermen. Tickets for the performance range from CNY198 to 680 per person. The site of the great performance is about one kilometer away from the West Street. You can walk there in 10 to 15 minutes.

Guilin opera is among the top operas of China, titled together with Shanghai opera, Peking opera, Cantonese opera etc. With a long history that can be dated back to Ming Dynasty, it is performed in Guilin dialect, telling stories by use of vivid facial expressions and lifelike body languages. It also has a rich repertoire with a lot of movements like singing and dancing involved. Prevalent in Liuzhou, Hechi, Nanning, Guilin, Wuzhou etc., Gui opera is greatly loved by local citizens and travelers throughout the world. Besides, it has won a lot of rewards as well. In 1950, Bracelet-a show of Gui Opera performed by Guilin Gui Opera Troupe had won the second prize in performance and the first prize in performer in China Opera Show. And some time later, the Legend of Concubine Yao, a new play by the troupe, had been rewarded the Wenhua Prize by China Cultural Administration. So as to protect this precious opera, State Council has approved it as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage on the day 20th May, 2006.

Guilin Plaza Hotel Karaoke Bar
Location: No.20 Lijiang Road
Guilin Bravo Hotel Reed Flute Cowboy Bar
Location: No.14 Ronghu Nan Road
The decoration here is original-walls, floors, chairs and tables are all made of wood, adorned with ox skull, horns, etc. Travelers can relax drinking wine and playing darts.
Guilin Bravo Hotel VIP Nightclub
Location: No. 14 Ronghu Nan Road
Karaok, small dance floor, wines and snacks are provided here.
Mengbi Karaoke Nightclub
Location: Zhengyang Road
This club is very popular due to its good location, elegant surroundings, quality performance and management. To dance or to watch show, travelers can surely find something interesting!
Jiulong Nightclub
Location: Underground No.1 Building, Nanmenqiao
Professional discotheque, performance room, billiards, sauna, massage, etc, can cater to different demands.
Shi Guang Dao Liu (Somewhere in Time)
Location: Fl.8th and 9th, Bagui Building, Zhongshan Zhong Road
Weilong Nightclub
Location: Sanduo Road
The vehement atmosphere with the strong tempo will excite everyone deeply. For peace and relaxation, bars above provide Karaok and coffee.
Yixing Bar (Grotesque Bar)
Location: Renmin Road.,
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