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Guilin Muslim Guide

The majority of Guilin Muslims are Hui poeple. Muslims settled down in Guilin long time ago. Muslims ancestors began to settle down in Guilin between the late Song Dynasty and the early the Yuan Dynasty. Historical records showed that a Muslim family of Bai migrated to Guilin in the Ming Dynasty. The Hui nationality in Guilin, are descendants of the Arabs from the west.

There are over 700 years, when the Hui nationality have setted down in Guilin. The population of Guilin Muslim is now more than 27,000, which is accounting for more than half of the population in the Hui in Guangxi.

Though there were 17 mosques in Guilin in history, many Guilin Mosques were destroyed and currently there are 6 mosques in Guilin for its 9000 Muslims. With Muslim communities nearby, Mosques in Guilin are located near hills and gardens of Guilin's picturesque landscape. Decorated with Arabic style inside, mosques of Guilin have traditional Chinese architectures from outside.

There were 29 mosques in Guilin from Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of China. The mosques in the Guilin city were: Chuanshan Mosque, Xiwai Mosque, Maping Mosque, Wenchang men Mosque, Chongshan Mosque, Yan Street Mosque, Tongquan Alley Mosque, Xi Alley Mosque, Bajiaotang Mosque, West Street Road Female Mosque. The Jiucun Mosque is located in Jiucun, Huixian Village, Lingui Country, Which is the one of the most historic mosque in Guangxi.

The most famous mosque in Guilin is Chongshan Road Mosque covering a floor space of 1218 square meters. Chongshan Road Mosque was built during Emperor Qianlong's rein (1735-1796) in the Qing Dynasty. Though it has been renovated for quite a few times in history, the current architecture of Chongshan Road Mosque still resembles its original style of early Qing period. The Maping Street Mosque is located under the Elephant Hill on the east bank of Li River. It looks grandeurs and solemn with green glazed roof tiles, white walls set against the beautiful landscape of Seven Star Park. Other mosques in Guilin include Ancient Mosque, Guilin Female Mosque, Xixiang Mosque, Luojin Mosque which is in Yongfu County, Liutang Mosque and Wutong Mosque which are located in Lingui County.

Guilin Mosque (Masjid) Guide
Guilin Chongshan Mosque was built in 1735 during the 13th year of Emperor Yongzheng's rein, expanded in 1849 during the 14th year of Emperor Jiaqing's rein, and experienced renovation during the rein of Emperor Daoguang (1821-1850) and during the Republic of China (1912-1949).

At present, Guilin Chongshan Street mosque covers an area of 2000 square meters, as the best preserved mosque with the largest scale in Guilin. A full set of architecture, including transept, the prayer hall, lecture hall, water houses and so on. The Arabic on the left side of the transept means Allah is the greatest and most respected, and those on the right side means to open the door of auspiciousness and kindness. 24 red pillars surround the prayer hall, making it simple but solemn. A large inscribed board with Arabic is hung in the upper room of the outer house. Antithetical couplets are pasted on the golden pillars on both sides.

The prayer hall of Guilin Chongshan Street Mosque is very spacious, with 12 red wooden pillars orderly arranged. Up is an octagonal dome, and beautiful relief of episode of Koran is carved on the wall of the kiln.

Guilin Chongshan Street Mosque is considered an important historic and cultural site under protection. In 1982, President of Pakistan came to this mosque to perform Jumah prayer, and presented a full set of Koran cassette and recorders to the mosque. He even planted 4 Tasong trees in front of the gate himself, to pray for the ever lasting friendship of Muslims and people of the whole nation between China and Pakistan.

Guilin Xixiang Mosque
Originally built in 1907, Xixiang Mosque is also called Northeast Mosque. Xixiang Mosque was once the personal property of businessman Ma Rongxi on Shuidongmen Street in Guilin, who willingly donated it to build a mosque.

Xixiang Mosque covers an area of about 333 square meters, all the former buildings of which were burned by Japanese army when Guilin was occupied. In 1947, Muslims in Guilin donated money and Xixiang Mosque was finally rebuilt on its original site. The new Xixiang Mosque contains two yards. Entering the main gate, on both sides are dormitories. Passing the atrium, a two-floor building can be seen. The prayer hall is set on the second floor and the lecture halls on the ground floor. On top facing the prayer hall is an octagonal acute arch. Glass windows are set on both side of the main hall, and the ground is brushed with vermeil paint, clean and spacious, making it an ideal place to pray. Over the building are the backyard and the water house.

At present, there are about 1500 Muslims living in the community of Xixiang Mosque, of whom are Hui nationality.

Guilin Maping Mosque
Guilin Maping Mosque was built in 1671, the 10th year of Emperor Kangxi's rein, and was completed in the next year. Maping Mosque covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. The original mosque was a typical quadrangle, of which the prayer hall was hip-roof and the lecture hall, dormitory, water house were built. Located by the Lijiang River and beautiful mountains, the sight of the mosque is really appealing.

When Guilin was occupied by Janpanese in November, 1944, the whole mosque was burned by Japanese army. In 1948, with subsidies from the Post-war Relief Department and money collected by Hui people, the prayer hall, dormitories and water houses were simply renovated. As a result, religious activities were recovered. In 1959, when the Seven Star Park was opened, the mosque was included inside the park. Form 1985 to 1987 the municipal government of Guilin invested money to rebuild it. At present, Maping mosque is well equipped with the prayer hall, dormitories, water houses and the like. The style of architecture is a combination of Chinese style and Arabic style, using modern architect techniques. Grey wall with green tiles and the golden, the grandness and splendidness all make the mosque a must-see spot for travelers. There are about 2000 Muslims in the community of Maping Mosque, all of whom are Hui nationality.

Guilin Liutang Mosque
Add: Lingui County, Guilin

And there are Ancient Mosque and Female Mosque.

Guilin Muslim Food

Guilin Muslim food is famous for the cooking of beef and mutton, poultry, fungi and seafood. Before 1940's, the most common Muslim cuisine in Guilin were braised beef brisket; stewed beef brisket in clear soup; braised beef with seasonal vegetables; beef vermicelli soup; vegetable soup with egg flower. With the development of local economy and creation in Muslim food industry in Guilin, there are over 100 Muslim dishes which combine the unique regional characteristic with Islamic culinary tradition.

Rice Noodle has been the most famous Guilin snack and it is also the most welcomed food by Guilin Muslims. Before 1949, the famous rice noodle restaurants were Li Qishou and Chen Rongqin at South Gate, Bai Kunji at West Gate. Since there were mosques at the South Gate and West gate, Muslims would meet at those rice noodle restaurants after prayers.

The Islam Restaurant contact information
Halal Food Name : The Islam Restaurant
Address: Xicheng Road, 55, Xiangshan District, Guilin
Tel: 0773-2819737

Halal Food Name :Qingzhen Hotel Restaurant
Address:No.9, Minzu Road, Xiangshan District,Guilin

The Muslim Restaurant
Address:No.4, Tongquan Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin

Minzu Road Ancient Mosque Restaurant
Address:No.30, Minzu Road, Xiangshan Road, Guilin
Location: in the Suburbs of Guilin.,
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