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What is a package tour?

What is a package tour?

Package tour includes your eating, accommodation, transport, tour guide service and entry fees of the attractions during the tour, Most travelers, especially those who make the outbound tour, they like to choose the package tour.

Otherwise people have to spend time to find the nice restaurant for eating, the good place for accommodation or so on...

It must take you a lot of time and energy, and also money, cuz the travel agency they know where is good and cheaper...

Let The travel agency make the wise and Professional decision for you. Then you don't have to worry about anything in your tour, just Relax and enjoy your vacation. So, why not choose package tour from the travel agency. Chose it, your wise desicion. (Written by Yenny Guo)

What is a package tour?

A package holiday or package tour consists of transport, accommodation and meals advertised and fully or partly sold together by tour operator. The package tour is ideal for a person who is very busy at work has little time to plan for the trip and make reservations in various flights or hotels. And usually package tour price is more attractive than self-plan trips since tour operators often get an group or discount price from flight companies, hotels or restaurants.

Moreover, with the reservations in flights and hotels being done by the package tour operator, there are no last minute hassles for the tourists. Everthing works according to schedule.

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