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Clear Brightness Festivel In China

April 5 is The Clear Brightness Festivel that only next to Spring Festivel. Local peaple in Guilin, especialy Minority pay high attention to it. On this day, people wake up early and go to their ancestral tombs to sweep. They bring wine and food in baskets or on bamboo poles resting on their shoulders. Some travel on sedan-chairs or in carriages aglitter with strings of paper ingots, and the roads are crowded with peaple. They kowtow and pour libations at the tombs. Then they weed and add fresh soil to the tombs meaning clear the dead's house. Afterwards, they burn the strings of paper ingots and place coin-shaped of paper on top of the graves as an offering to the dead. After weeping, instead of leaving, they find a pleasant place with trees and flowers to sit down and drink to their hearts' content. Some sing, laugh or cry for no reason. Though they go out sad ,they return happy. On this day, people wear willows in their hair and visit beautiful scenery. This custom is called "walking on the green ". From far and near, many come and don't think of going home early because they make this excuse to enjoy an outing .

Of course, The Clear Brightness Festivel hill and dale of the flowers and green trees everywhere, this time going on an outing, it is indeed the best time to enjoy the natural beauty !,,
Author/Editor By : HCT