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Beijing Mosque Establishment

Beijing's mosque is the Islamic culture of the carrier, every mosque is a rich cultural connotations, its architectural style and form, with the diversity of religious functions and development. Just as some scholars said: the mosque "is deeply embedded in contemporary culture framework, included work on the Muslim peoples of the deep historical and religious philosophy of conception of a religious art." Beijing mosque in the Arab culture is a culture of mutual exchange and integration of the product It is hard work and wisdom of all Muslims in the crystallization of a concentrated expression of it religious, ethnic, education, architecture, calligraphy, art and other aspects of history and culture, and formed its unique construction system and artistic styles.

From Beijing Mosque of view, mostly outside of collusion within the Arab-style buildings. The vast majority of the existing mosques in Beijing as the Yuan Dynasty, and especially since the Ming and Qing dynasties built. Since the mosque was built in Beijing in different age, size ranges, so every mosque is not the same number of buildings. But every mosque is built, "Sunday Temple" and "water room", which is the most basic building mosques. In addition to the larger mosque prayer hall and water, the basic building housing, but also built the arch, screen wall, Mochizuki F, tablets pavilions, South Auditorium and North auditorium, library, buried body room, and so on.

Beijing most of the mosques in the construction layout of strict symmetry there is an obvious axis, glazed tiles coverage, towering magnificently with Chinese royal architecture style. From Beijing mosques-hall decoration point of view, is adopted in the Arab-Israeli collusion, colorful decorative arts will be fine decorative arts of the Arab style and mastery of traditional Chinese architectural practice, and highlights the religious meaning of Islam, forming a single Mosque in Beijing with Chinese characteristics and cultural.

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