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Beijing Mosque and Cultural Origins

Mosque, also known as the Mosque is the Arabic (Masdjid) "Maisijide" in translation, its meaning "Koubai Office," or "worship Allah the premises." Historically, Chinese people have had a different title of the mosque: Tang Dynasty, the mosque called the "hall," Song said in the mosque as "Chapel", Yuan and Ming dynasties on the mosque's call is very large, and some called "Mosque" , "Hui Temple", "mosque" in the title began in the Yuan Dynasty. Muslim ethnic groups in China regard the mosque, affectionately known as "house of Allah".

The most famous of the three major Arab mosque: First Mecca, the "Sacred Mosque"; second is Medina's "The Prophet Mosque Temple; third of Jerusalem" furthest mosque "(ie, the Al-Aqsa Mosque). These three mosques is not However, Muslims throughout the world aspire to the lofty holy sacred place, and has long been its long history and exquisite architecture known.

China's first mosque was built in when? Academics believe that the Tang dynasty. Tang Dynasty Chang'an, was a metropolis of international trade, countries messengers, tourists and merchants are all gathered here. According to "eat the Tang Shu-Chuan Tai," it reads: In the Tang Gaozong Yeonghwiwon two years (AD 651), the third Caliph Ottoman Empire, the Arab envoys came to Chang'an sent. From 651 onwards, the Arab Empire and the Tang Dynasty have been frequent exchanges between the Government, West Asia, Central Asia to the Muslim merchants doing business in China's trade is also increasing. From the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese have a belief in Islam Muslim ancestors. At the same time, the Tang period Chang'an and southeast coastal areas have built a mosque. Scholars believe that: Guangzhou's "Huai Holy Mosques," is China's oldest existing mosques.

The Yuan and Ming periods of China's period of mosques and cultural development. West and Central Asia to China due to rapid population growth of Muslims, mosques throughout the country, no longer confined to the capital and southeast along the coast. " 'Mosque' term began to be widely adopted by Islam. ... ... 'Mosque' is already a name with Chinese characteristics has." China's existing majority of many famous mosque built in the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Yuan and Ming dynasties, "Hui has become a national community, the Muslim spontaneously organize themselves voluntarily to the mosque as the center of the Square, the system is gradually improving teaching".

The first mosque in the Beijing area is the Niujie Mosque. Pan Mengyang in "Islam and Muslims" a book, said: "Beijing Niujie Mosque is the largest and oldest mosque. It was built in the Liao Dynasty unified and fourteen years (the Northern Song Dynasty Shido two years, AD 996) . Mingzheng Tong seven years (in 1442) rebuilt. "Niujie Mosque is a long history of grand scale, building magnificent Chinese and foreign famous temple, has been a thousand years of history. This is currently the academic point of view there are different views and opinions. Some scholars believe that the historical lack of Niujie Mosque millennium, its was built in the Yuan Dynasty, and some scholars believe that Niujie Mosque was built in the Ming Dynasty. The Nanjing Institute of Technology Professor Liu Duizhen that Niujie Mosque, "after the worship hall of the palace caisson painted pottery, the Department of Architecture-year period from the Northern Song Dynasty painter, can be used for the monastery was founded in support of age, but also a time when the introduction of Islam." Although the academic community, cattle Street Mosque was built years vary, but all agreed that the Niujie Mosque is the oldest mosque in Beijing. Niujie Mosque of history, that is, the formation and development of Beijing Islam have witnessed history.

Beijing genuine development of Islam in the founding of New China. After the founding of new China, as the "old Beijing" residents, that is, changes in the Hui population growth is very fast. According to the information recorded: "A total of 30 years the city's Muslims, more than 170,000, accounting for one tenth of the city's population is also strong." Muslims in the Beijing area have now reached 25 million and more. Muslim dignitaries and scholars in Beijing there are many, and Islam in the country occupies a very important position. Farhan by Muslim celebrities package, reaching Pu-sheng, Zhang Jie, Ma Yuhuai, Ma Jian, and other preparations in Beijing, the Chinese Islamic Association was launched in 1953, formally established in Beijing. Islamic Association of China under the impetus of the Beijing area have also been established Islamic Association of Beijing. Now, the mosque in Beijing has reached as many as 68. This figure illustrates Beijing mosque and cultural development.

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