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Beijing Mosque Culture

Beijing is the country's political center and cultural center, but also the world-famous cities and the center of an international friendly exchanges. Beijing ethnic composition of the major cities all across the country can not match, the national religion of Islam can be said Hui, Uygur, Kazak, Dongxiang, Kirgiz, Salar, Tajik, Uzbek, security, Tatar 10 ethnic groups have lived in the Beijing area , work or study on the whole Beijing area Muslims mainly Muslim dominated. Beijing Muslims more than 25 million Muslim population, as much as the first major cities in the nation. In addition, study and work in Beijing, a large number of foreign Muslims who came to visit the Islamic countries every year countless guests. Where is the place where Muslims are concentrated, where there is a mosque. According to statistics: "Since the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing to the Republic of successive generations rise and fall of this year, when construction waste time, Beijing had nearly 160 mosques." Beijing is now a total of 68 mosques. These mosques are the reform and opening up through the finishing and the new. Islam Mosque in Beijing is not only the development of physical evidence, but also the carrier of Islamic culture

Beijing mosque culture has become a way of life, not only in the formation of the Hui played a great role, but with these peoples in religion, ethics, lifestyle, food and culture, forged a close relationship between inseparable.

Written by Harry Zhu

Author/Editor By : Harry