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The Festival in Xishuangbanna

Living here for generations, ethnic group of the Dai, Hani and Jinuo have created colorful folk-customs and ethnic cultures for Xishuangbanna. Southeast Asian music and dances, as well as Banan ethnic groups' songs and dances, are attractive and amazing, the water-splashing Festival, Door-opening Festival and so on, are extraordinarily wonderful, visitors can not lose them; knighted Jinghong is bustling which brings you an exciting nightlife... a happy land for joyful lifestyle of taking barneccue on busy street, going to pubs at "Daijiangnan", tasting fragrant tea at teahouse, or appreciating super and dances show - Meng Ba La Na Xi, even taking part in of the songs and dances of bonfire evening of "the Night of Lancang-Mekong River".

The Water-splashing Festival
"Wet all your body, bless you all the life"! It's the grandest ethnic festival in Xishuangbanna in a year, held on April 14 yearly, the Water-splashing Festival is called the "Oriental Carnival", Besides of the jamboree of splashing water, on the riverside of Lancang along Jinghong or Ganlanba (Olive basin), the huge crowd of people, including clouds of pretty girls, enjoy the Dais' dragon boat game in daytime; in the night, people hold Kongming lantern evening, that's simple and passionate.

Super Songs and Dances Show - Meng Ba La Na Xi
The large-scaled singing and dancing performance themed on Xishuangbanna ethnic cultures, is performed in Jinghong Mengbalanaxi Art Hall, the program is composed of five parts, the verve of Banna, the peacock and auspiciousness, the joyous water-splashing activity, and the saint beatitude and beautiful Lancang River. Up to now, this program is the biggest invested performance, created by China famous directors, lighting designers, artistic instructors and excellent actors, thoroughly reflecting the Dais' ethnic culture and folk custom, so it is the best annotation for the saying of "Yunnan's singing and dancing is the best in China, and Xishuangbanna's singing and dancing is the best in Yunnan".

Songs and Dances Bonfire Evening of the "Night of Lancang-Mekong River"
Originated in 2003, it's a theme activity held in Manting Park evenings, focusing on the participatory and interactive. On the party, tourists can taste famous Pu'er tea, drink the Dai home-made rice wine, or have the Dai barbecue and seasonal fruits; can appreciate singing and dancing performance, and experience the primitive life, folk culture and customs of ethnic groups and Southeast Asian lifestyle; can participate in the mystical Buddhist ceremony of drifting the lamp on water; finally can dance with local ethnic people hand in hand, around the bonfire.

The Hanis' Festival of "Gatangpa"
It's the Hanis' New Year, falls on January 2-4 each year. In Hani rthnic language "Gatangpa"means the renewal of everything on earth world, and the beginning of a new year. During the festival, visitors can enjoy the Hanis' unconstrained singing and bamboo tube dance; participate in playing peg-top and shooting crossbow; taste the Hanis' home-made fragrant wine, qima (a kind of meat conjee), bamboo-tube rice, roasted meat packed with egg shell; and baked banana-leaf packed maid's fish.

In the Dais' language, it means "a village full of joy and happy day to day", coinciding with "spending the water-splashing Festival every day". Making the Lake of educated urban youth as a stage, blue sky and clouds as a theater curtain, and rubber plantation as a background, major activities during the Water splashing Festival are held here, more than 500 actors and actresses perform Peacock Princess, Nanmununona and Zhaoshutun's love story, with activities of setting off firework into the sky, dragon boat game and temple fair, tourists can experience the Dais ethnic original festival culture in any season.

The Jinuo Ethnic Village
Jinuo Mountain is one of six famous Pu'er tea mountains, nearly 20,000 Jinuos live here. Jinuo ethnic group is the last single folk in 56 nationalities cognized by the State Council of our country, also the unique ethnic group in Xishuangbanna. The Jinuo ethnic people have their particular culture; the Jinuos' great drum dance has been certificated as one of first national intangible cultural heritages of China.
At Jinuo ethnic village, visitors can appreciate ox worship, the great drum dance and walking on stilts, participate in activities of throwing the pouch and playing the peg-top, taste sour pickled vegetables, choucai(Acacia intsia), sour ant egg, fried bamboo worms and other Jinuos' flavor dishes. February 6-8 is the Jinuos' New Year, Temaoke Festival.,
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