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Seven Star Park, Guilin

Located downtown Guilin city. Seven Stars Park, covering an area of more than 120 hectares (297 acres), is the largest comprehensive park with mass scenery in Guilin City. Located at the east bank of Li River, the park is 1.5 kilometers (0.9 mile) from the downtown area of Guilin. The park was so named because of the seven peaks (the four peaks of Putuo Mountain and three of Crescent Mountain) inside resemble the form of the Big Dipper constellation.

The park is endowed with elegant mountains, clear water, miraculous stone forest, deep and serene valleys, plentiful animals and plants and valued cultural relics. It has been popular since the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties. Attractions in the park include: Seven Star Cave, Dragon Hiding Cave, Flower Bridge, the Zoo, Maping Mosque, Guihai Forest of Steles,Crescent Hill, Putuo Hill, Light of China Square and much more.

Flower Bridge was first built in Song Dynasty (960-1279). It is so named because in ancient times, the area surrounding the bridge was planted with various flowers. In late spring and early summer, when the flowers bloomed, the bridge was covered with flowers. However, in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the flowers gradually declined, and today visitors cannot see any flowers surrounding the bridge. Flower Bridge is just inside the main entrance to the park.

Camel Hill is one of the features of Seven Star Park. With a bit of imagination, you will find that all the limestone hills in Guilin look like somebody or something. This hill looks incredibly like a huge camel standing in a vast grassland. At the foot of the hill there is a grassy lawn, which offers a pleasant place for a stroll. The place is very popular with locals, and many can be seen leisurely walking around in the early mooning or late afternoon. Nearby you will find a zoo, which has pandas, monkeys, camels and reptiles. Animal lovers who don't like to see creatures in small and dreary enclosures are advised to avoid it as it may be upsetting. However, if they are up and about, which is not often you may get to see a panda.

Seven Star Cave lies in the belly of Putuo Hill, the mass of limestone that forms the four northern peaks of Seven Star Park. The cave is well-known for its dazzling array of stalagmites and stalactites. The cave passageways stretch for about 1,100 meters. The route is 50 meters across at the widest point and 20 meters to the roof at the highest point. The cave has been a place of interest for hundreds of years. As early as the Song Dynasty, some explorers made an expedition into the cave and left their marks inside. With its huge variety of oddly shaped karst formations, the cave is indeed overwhelming and well worth your time and money (30 yuan on top of the park entrance fee of 30 yuan).

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Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park
Guilin Seven Star Park

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