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Fubo Hill Park, Guilin

Situated on the western bank of Li River in the downtown area, Fubo Hill Park is actually an integrative garden park in the city center with unique mountain caves and elegant garden rock formations.

Fubo Hill Park, Guilin
Fubo Hill Park, Guilin

Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill) has its half standing in the river and the other half perching on land. The river waters are blocked by the hill and eddied, creating wavelets, hence the name - Subduing Wave Hill (literally means the waters has been subdued by the hill). There is also a legend says that the hill got its name from a general, called Fubo who came to the place in a past dynasty.

A cloister cruising on the eastern hillside leads to the top of the hill, on the half-way of which stands a pavilion named Tingtao Pavilion, (Listen-to-the-Wave Pavilion). The hilltop offers a breathtaking view of the picturesque mountain and scenery Li River passing through the city.

Huan-Zhu Cave (Pearl-Retreating Cave)is at the foot of the mountain, in which a variety of inscriptions of the well-known Chinese calligraphers and painters in the past dynasties can be found. Among them, the self-portrait and inscriptions of Mi Fu, one of the four greatest calligraphers in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) is the most precious one. There are also over 400 Buddhist carvings and statues of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) on the interior wall of the cave.

The pearl returning cave has a large opening over the river and there is a rock pillar hanging down from the cave with a larger upper body and a small lower tip. The tip almost reaches the ground with a gap only less than three centimeters (1.18 inches). Therefore, being looked afar, it seems like a sword plugging into the ground. A legend says that a general named Fubo once tested his sword here and another interesting one goes that if the pillar touches the ground, there would be a Zhuang Yuan (the Number One Scholar, the very best in the imperial exam) who had got his success.

At the entrance gate of the park, there is a huge iron bell at the weight of over 2,500 kilograms and a big boiler, which is said to cook meals for over 1,000 people. These are two relics from a Qing Dynasty temple and the inscriptions on them are still discernible.

Edited by Lawrence Photograph taken by Lin Wenhong
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