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Sceneries in Xi'an, China

Xian is the at heart of China. China map takes shape of rooster if dots placed on Beijing, Xian, Hunan and Taiwan and outline these dots. Xian is in the quite centre of China. Maybe just because of its geographical China central position Xian has been witness to 13 dynasties over its development of 3100 years as capital of the ancient China.

Over centuries, Xian was not only ancient capital but also the imperial burial grounds for different dynasties. So There is no wonder why numerous treasures are found here. Among all these treasures the Terracotta Warriors is the most significant archaeological finds ever, the 7000 life-size warriors and horses were constructed around 200 BC - and no two are alike.

More than Terracotta Warriors Xian has more to offer you.Here you can find most Chinese elements. World-famous Terra Cotta warriors, national best preserved City Walls, Bell and Drum Towers and Muslim Quarters all remind Xi'an was the ancient China capitals for longest period. Luckily this city still retains its charm and its Chinese character and traditions.

It's a easy city to go locals as well. You still get the old man playing Mahjong on the streets, you get the kids with the red neckerchiefs coming to and from school.

Xi'an is a very compact city where you wouldn't lost way. Most of the sight seeing places are in the walking distance inside of the walls.

We have Xian tours different in time length and emphasis to suit your itinerary or interests. Also you can browse our tour suggestions or information - the tour can also customized just for you.

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