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China Folk Cultural Village

The China Folk Culture Village (also called ShenZhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village) is a theme park in Shenzhen, China. It is located adjacent to the Splendid China theme park and features displays of the daily life and architecture of China's 56 ethnic groups. It was opened to the public in October 1991.

China Folk Cultural Village reflects the colorful Chinese culture in many respects. The performance of Villages, Folk dance and sing of the central playhouse, and large-scale joint performance of Folk Cultural Plaza displayed the Chinese folk arts incisively and vividly. After it was opened to the tourists, the China Folk Culture Carnival Parade, Four Seasons Rando, Chinese Charms, Blue Sun, Revised China Folk Culture Carnival Parade, and the latest Emerald, all these performances won the praise of Chinese terpsichorean and all the society. It can be recognized as the soul of Chinese arts that are imposing and implicated theory and poetry. All these performances bring a climax for the tourists and make a carnival by "Chinese Mill of Chinese Characteristics". Meanwhile, various national festivals including the Water-splashing Festival of Dai nationality, Torch Festival of Yi nationality, Lusheng Festival of Miao nationality and Great Temple Fairs of Chinese Nationalities are celebrated in a magnificent manner, and thus bring the tourists into a charming cultural world. The ceremony, which integrated gusto with art and is enterable, is extraordinary, splendid and is most beautiful; fully displayed Chinese long history and glory. "24 Folk villages covering 56 nationalities", the living folk customs, the glorious performances, elegant and harmonious atmosphere, all the above attracted every tourist from all over the world.

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