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Great Wall in Tianjin

Located in the mountainous area of Tianjin's northern Ji County, the Huangya Pass of Great Wall was first built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557) and repaired in large scale with bricks during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). When appointed as the chief commanding officer in the Ji Garrison (one of the eleven garrisons of the Ming Dynasty), Qi Jiguang added watch towers and other defensive works.

The Huangya Pass comes out first in the ten most-visited sites in Tianjin. It is considered to be a miniature of the Great Wall of China. The entire section is built on an abrupt mountain ridge. Being endowed with both natural beauty and cultural interest, it has become famous as a natural beauty spot and a summer resort. The major scenic area is composed of Huangya Pass and Taiping Mountain Stronghold.

Huangya Pass
Located 170 km north of Tianjin, Huangyaguan section of the Great Wall ranks first among "the ten most famous scenic spots in Tianjin". In 1984, the people of Tianjin spent three years repairing 3,308 yards of the main wall from Banlagang Mountain in the east to Wangmaoding Mountain in the west. They restored 20 terraces, the Huangya Water Gate, and the Bagua Castle (the Eight Diagrams Castle). The defensive system of the wall is complete. Watch towers, frontier cities, drain holes, emplacements, barracks and other indispensable military facilities are arranged orderly along the wall. Besides, the stele forests of the Great Wall, Beiji Temple, the exhibition hall of famous couplets, the Great Wall Museum (the first museum along the Great Wall) and the Phoenix Fortress have been newly built within the area.

Taiping Mountain Stronghold
Located 1 kilometer southeast of Huangyaguan Pass, with an elevation of 400-500 meters, the Taipingzhai section of Great Wall winds its way around the peaks for about 873 meters. It holds the access to the mountains and valleys east of Huangyaguan Pass. Six miles northwest of Huangya Pass and built 437 yards to 547 yards above sea level, the stronghold is located in Xiaopingan Village. It controls the Chongshan Valley east of Huangya Pass City. Qi Jiguang's stone statue and a tower were erected by twelve widows from this area.

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