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Wanquan River, Hainan

Wanquan River is lying on the east part of Hainan Island. It is the mother river in Hainan and famous all the world. Originated from Five Finger Mountain and Limu Mountain, Wanquan River has a total length of 163 kilometers and is one of the third longest rivers in Hainan.

Wanquan River Tourism Zone is situated at Yanhe Road of Qionghai City, 240 kilometers from Sanya. On both banks of the upper reaches of the river, mountains are fluctuant. Marvelous peaks, flourishing coconut trees and charming water scenery are along the upper reaches while along the lower reaches are densely covered ports and people enjoy themselves so much by the scenes full of pastoral characteristics.

Drifting along the Wangquan River is a challenging adventure not to be missed. It is very exciting and interesting. During the water rafting, the travelers on the rubber boat can fully enjoy the excitement through the dangerous shoals or rapids, and enjoy the idyllic scenery alongside the river.

The most attractive part of Wanquan River is the mouth of the river. There are the sea, sand beach, and forest. The bright sunshine and the fresh air will make you relax.
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