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Sanya Bay, Sanya City

Sanya Bay is located about 8 km northwest to the downtown area of Sanya, Hainan. It enjoys the longest bay in Sanya City, nestling along a most beautiful seaside road, immaculately clean and well kept. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape and silvery perfect beaches as well. Sanya Bay provides the smoothest waters, most of the time, the ocean surface looks so smooth that you can help doubting if it is a boundless lake.

Instead of a busy and exhausting journey, you can relax totally here by strolling along the beaches and breathing the fresh air, two islands on the ocean will stir your sight. Whilst enjoying your private time, unlike many other locations, you will see more life of the local people. This part of the beach is a best place for local people to have morning exercises and dancing practice at nights because there are several squares or gardens in this part. It is also suitable for taking a casual stroll along the beach with a pair of slippers in the morning or at the evening.

Sanya Bay is a great place to enjoy the sight of splendid sunset. You will enjoy a gorgeous view of red and purple dusk skies, or orange cloud and grey pink cloud, or a flaming sky that is overwhelmingly beautiful. If you happen to enjoy a sea food meal or sip a bottle of beer at a restaurant along the avenue and appreciate the sunset scene at Sanya Bay at the same time, that will be a wonderful moment in your trip in Sanya.
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