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Gannangxiang Miao Village

Gannangxiang is the Chinese transliteration of a phrase in the local Miao language, meaning "downstream of a charmed land." The Wu clan, which traces its lineage far back into the annals of history, set up a reed pipe festival here 500 years ago. The festival continues to be celebrated today and is held annually from the 16th to 20th of the first month of the lunar year. The descendents of the Wu clan still take the lead in the festival, which takes place in an auditorium built by the clan. The occasion is the biggest annual event in the region.

On February 9, 2012, the annual Gannangxiang International Lusheng Festival held in Kaili, Guizhou. It attracted tens of thousands of people at home and abroad came to watch and experience. During the festival it held Bullfighting, Cockfighting, Horse racing, Lusheng dance competition, Miao song competition, Running race and many other recreational activities. The Gannangxiang International Lusheng Festival passes on good national traditional culture and plays an important role in exchanges of foreign propaganda and cultural.

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