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Red Maple Lake

Red Maple Lake is the largest lake in Guizhou Province and is the most important scenic site of the province. It is 33 kilometers away from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou. Red Maple Lake covers an area of 57.2 square kilometers with more than one hundred islands and islets in it, which was regarded as a plateau karst lake with the most islets. It features in its karst landscape and the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. It is a state-level AAAA tourist attraction and the largest artificial lake in Guizhou Plateau.

The lake was built in 1958, and there is a Red Maple Ridge besides it. Every year in autumn, the maple leaves turn red and fly over the lake, which makes a fantastic scene of the lake. Hence, the lake got the name Red Maple.

The Red Maple Lake has divided into ffour scenic areas, namely the north lake, the middle lake, the south lake, and the back lake. The vast lake is crystal clear dotted with over 190 islands.

The Red Maple Lake has different views in different season. In spring, you will see the azaleas in full blossom. In summer, the cool water makes you comfortable. And there are all kinds of pleasure-boat dotted in the lake. In autumn, the red maple decorated the lake a charming place. In winter, hundreds of water birds come to nest here as their winter home. It is really a fantastic scene.
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