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Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower is located in the center of the bridge over the Nanminghe river and, without doubt, the tower is the most important and recognizable symbol of Guiyang. This magnificent building has long been the landmark of Guiyang. Jiaxiu Tower is connected with the banks on both sides by Fuyu Bridge. This traditional Chinese-style structure was built in 1597 during the Ming Dynasty. The tower is a 20-metre-high, three-floor structure with a three-eave hipped roof, and has its outer joinery propped up by 12 stone pillars. It is surrounded with a marble balustrade. Standing firm for 400 years, the Tower has witnessed the history of Guiyang and symbolized the cultural development of Guiyang.

Jiaxiu Tower has 3 storeys, 3 eaves, 4 corners and dome attic, structure of which is unique in the ancient architecture of China. The tower is about 20m high with upturned eaves. Its eaves turned up and white stone pillars are well carved and preserved. The eaves are supported with 12 stone columns protected by white carved stone rails. It stands high and is as beautiful as scenery on paintings. One may enjoy the panorama around on the tower. More than 90m long, Fuyu Bridge is like a dragon lying over water. It goes through under the Tower and connects both banks. Hanbi Pavilion is on the Bridge, under which are Hanbi Pond and Shuiyue Platform. On the south of the Bridge stands Cuiwei Tower.

Ascending the tower, you will get the best view of the surrounding scenery. The night scene of the tower is the most impressive. Colorfully decorated with lanterns, reflected in water, the tower looks so beautiful that people may feel as if they had been back to the ancient times.
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