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Leigong Mountain

Leigong Mountain, 2178 m, is the highest mountain of the southeast area of Guizhou province. It is a beautiful place with flowers blooming in four seasons and birds twittering every minute. It has abundant natural vegetations and rich rain fall. Hills and mountains are decorated with lush green trees and beautiful flowers. There are more than 2,000 life-form species totally. A large number of rare animals are wandering among the virgin forest. Some of the region's remotest Miao villages are found on the mountain.

For centuries the Miao have settled amidst the tranquil foothills and valleys undulating away from their revered mountain. Visiting their villages and gaining a glimpse into their culture has become one of China` s most unique travel experiences.

In Leigong Mountain and its surrounding areas, people can get a glimpse of the culture and history of Miao Mountain areas by their buildings, food and drink, costumes, festivals, production, recreation, etiquette, morals and beliefs etc.
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