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Beihai Silver Beach, Guangxi

Beihai Silver Beach is a major tourist attraction in Beihai City. Beihai Silver Beach was originally called "white tiger head", because it looks a large white tiger opens her mouth from the map of the entire region.

Beihai Silver Beach are formed by the accumulation of high grade quartz sand. This white and delicate sandy beach shows silver under the rays of the Sun, so it is called Silver Beach. Beihai silver beach is regarded as "the best beaches" for its "long flat, fine white sand of the beach, water temperature no shark net, mild waves" features.

The Silver Beach width is more than 100 meters, stretching over more than 20 kilometers, covering an area of over of Beidaihe, Yantai, Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen bathing beach combined.

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