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Guilin Jiucun Village

Guilin Jiucun Village is located at Huixian Town, Linhui County, 25 kilometers away from the Guilin. It nears to the former residence of Baicongxi-Shanwei Village. People who live in Jiucun village are belong to Hui nationality. For its long history, a lot of famous talented people come from the village. people in the village made a positive contribution for Islam and for the country. Now the village can be called "Pressed Salted Duck village". Because by the end of the year, every family make pressed salted duck and sale. According to a report, last year people in the village altogether sold as many as 400 thousand pressed salted ducks during the Spring Festival.

Through the production of pressed salted duck, Guilin Jiucun village has gradually become rich. Last year this village's average per person yearly income amounted to 5100 yuan, and more than half the people else built new houses. The new "pressed salted duck building" become a dazzling spot. Under the organization of the group leaders of Jiucun village, the villagers serve their village wholeheartedly. First they has carried on hardening villiage tunnel, formulated a cleaning system to make sure the clean and health environment of the village. After that, the Jiucun village has an obvious change.

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