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Garden of Cultivation, Suzhou

The Garden of Cultivation is located at the northwest of Suzhou City. It was originally constructed in the reign of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty. The Garden of Cultivation is a small in scale but distinctive in artistic characteristics of the Ming Dynasty. And it is also a famous one among all the classic gardens in Suzhou.

The Garden of Cultivation covers an area of 3967 square kilometers, make up of the residential houses and the garden. The houses within the garden are designed in old and original manner. A method of condensation is used to express the garden construction's basic theory and concepts. The arrangement of the garden is open and simple, with buildings, ponds and rockeries laid out from north to south successively, with is the most basic method of Suzhou gardening.

The pond in the middle of the garden occupies one fourth of the total area, which is located to the west of the residential houses. It features "mountain scenery" to the south of the pond and buildings to the north. The pond has a roughly rectangular shape with coves at the southeast and southwest corners, which are spanned by low, flat and small bridges. On the rockery there are luxuriantly green trees, which make the pond more graceful and delicate.

The Garden of Cultivation, simple, rustic and natural, still keeps much of the layout, design principles and other characteristics of the Ming garden.

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