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Suzhou Joyous Garden

Joyous Garden(Yiyuan) was built in 1874. It was the latest among Suzhou 's gardens, which enables it to combine the advantages of those in former dynasties and form a style of its own. After being reconstruction, Joyous Garden is added with 7 more items, which include some specific gardens such as rock garden, winter flower garden, and flowering peach garden, spraying irrigation system, sound and broadcast system, playing facilities of children, guiding signal board, and plant label plate. It borrows elements from Suzhou's other famous garden: rooms from the Humble Administrator's, a pond from the Master of the Nets.

The most unusual feature in the garden is an oversize mirror, inspired by the founder of Zen Buddhism, who stared at a wall for years to find enlightenment. The garden's designer hung the mirror opposite a pavilion, to let the building contemplate its own reflection. From April to October, the garden doubles as a popular teahouse in the evening.

Take courtyard building as the core in the east of the corridor, the pavilion institute surrounds in the song corridor, sew it with the stone peak of the flowers and trees, look at and all become the abundant traditional Chinese Painting of connotation from the empty window of the song corridor. The west of the corridor is the main scenic spot of the whole garden, water of the pool is between two parties, the ring is with the rockery, flowers and trees and building. The surface of water of middle part is gathered, things both ends are narrow and long, and build the bridge, water valve, in order to show water circle of pool, trickling sluggishly meaning not to the limit.

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