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Suzhou Silk Museum

In order to promote the silk culture of China domestically and internationally, the Suzhou government has founded the Silk Museum. Suzhou Silk Museum is a multi-functional, and combines exhibits with demonstrations of silk weaving. The theme of the museum is "The Silk Road", which means a historical relation between the old Silk Road and the new silk products market in China, it also reflects the exchanging ideas of East and West.

At the entrance, the passage is winding and unique design, which gives you the feeling of the ancient Silk Road. The outside layout of the main building is made according to the architectural style of ethnic minorities in northwestern China. The interior of the Silk Museum is splendid with elegance, and having China's master sculptures of past and present.

Exhibits on display in its various exhibition halls reflect the origin, evolution and development of silk production, from primitive times to the Shang, Zhou, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties right through to present day.

Among the exhibits are 80 traditional silk looms, 320 fragments of silk from various dynasties, 30 bolts of ancient silk, 350 ancient garments, and a large number of samples of modern silk products.

The other exhibition halls, as well as displaying choice cultural relics, also contain a silkworm breeding and rearing room, and a silk weaving workshop.

In the museum there is also a "Ming and Qing Street," lined with replicas of time-honored silk shops in Suzhou, showing the important position of silk in the local economy.

The Suzhou Silk Museum becomes a famous scenic spot of Suzhou, so tour it means you are in the sea of knowledge in silk of China. It is also an important place for the development of the industry today and in the future.

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