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Huangshizhai (yellow stone)

Huangshizhai(Yellow Stone Stronghold) is approximately 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. There are many tales and explanations about the origin of the name. Among them, the most popular one is Huang Shi saved Zhang Liang from misfortune when Zhang Liang isolated himslef from society in this forest.

Huangshizhai is characterized by the beetling cliffs, high staking platforms, uneven rocks and elegant peaks. And it is reputed as "the enlarged potted landscape and miniature fairyland". It is very good for health to hike along the top of Huangshizhai. From the top you can see nearly half the peaks of Zhangjiajie. So there is a popular saying goes like that if you don't visit Huangshizhai, you can't claim you have come to Zhangjiajie. The fresh air on tne top can animates your lungs and regenerates your skin. To complete the three kilometers tour takes about two hours. Hiking at Huangshizhai is a great challenging opportunity. But according to your hiking ability, you can choose a convenient cable car to help you to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

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