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Yuanjiajie (Avatar Mount)

The World Natural Heritage Site-Yuanjiajie located in the northern of National Forest Park, and it is a pearl set in core of wulingyuan scenic spot. The Yuanjiajie Scenic Area is a naturally formed platform mountain, surrounded by higher summits which are divided by deep valleys. Each one stands in the valley and possesses its own peculiar shape. Join this scene is an array of amazing mountain peaks and grotesque rock. It looks like the ink-and-paper drawings, showing a defining aspect of classical Chinese art.

There are Only two ways for people to get top of the Yuanjiajie Scenic Area. One way is walking from the Golden Whip Stream through Luanchuanpo to the Back Garden, and the other is travelling by the Bailong Elevator. By means of this super elevator, you can get to the top of the mountain and see beautiful scenery of the whole Yuanjiajie Scenic Area. If walk on the mountain's edge, you can feel clouds rising from beneath the feet. So you get the impression you could almost touch them. When you were immersed in this scene, a rush of surprise and wonder passed through your heart, causing you to feel so delighted and contented!

The main attractions in this place include Back Garden, Goat Village, the Number One Bridge under Heaven and so on. The most famous one is the Qiankun Pillar, which has been renamed Avatar Hallelujah Mountain by the local government in honor of the film-Avatar. Because it is regarded as the unpredictable prototype of Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar blockbuster. Many tourists from home and abroad were attracted to visit it.

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