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Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque

Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque
Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque

The Xiaopiyuan Mosque was recorded to be built in the late of Tang Dynasty (618-907). And it is one of the first mosques in Xi'an. The Xiaopiyuan Mosque is a kind of traditional Chinese palace architecture in the form of the mosque. It covers an area of 5,986 square meters and total construction area of 2032 square meters. The Mosque is a four-entrance courtyard. The first entrance is to the female temple. The second entrance is to the imam office and learning house. The third entrance is to the chanting room. The fourth entrance is to the moon platform.

The Xiaopiyuan Mosque is famous for its long history and it trains a lot of Muslim religious scholars. And it also attracts public concern at home and broad. So far, the faithful prayers from everywhere pray and recite chant in the Mosque. The scenes like the religious life in the past years. Furthermore, its style reflects the artistic achievements on Islamic architecture of the ancient people and the Arab nation in Xian. So if you are interested in Islamic architecture or Muslim culture, the Xiaopiyuan Mosque is a good choice!
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