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Guilin Tashan hill

Tashan Hill is Located on the western bank of Lijiang River, facing Chuanshan Hill. It is recorded that one million years ago, a hill was separated into two hills under the lithosphere movement, one is the Tashan Hill and the other is Chuanshan Hill.

The Tashan Hill is 194 meters above sea level, with an area of 3 hectares. On top of the hill there has a seven-layer tower which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is said that during the Ming Dynasty, Guilin was plagued by a giant centipede demon that killed the local population. A Buddhist Monk was asked to conquer the monster. At last he trapped the monster inside the hill by having the tower built on top of the Tashan Hill.

Located at the foot of the hill is a large pond with an island in the middle. The water is so clear and calm that it makes a beautiful mirror. The hill is surrounded by green trees and covered with bamboos. So it attracts many visitors to climb the Tashan Hill. Sitting along on a beautiful hill, enjoying green hills and clear water is what makes life worth living.

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Guilin Tashan Hill Photos
Guilin Chuanshan Park, Tashan
Guilin Chuanshan Park, Tashan
Pagoda at Guilin Tashan Hill
Pagoda at Guilin Tashan Hill