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Ancient Zhuang Village

Longji Ancient Zhuang Village (Londji Gu Zhuang Zhai) is situated in the middle of southwest Yuecheng Mount in the north of Guangxi province. It has a history of more than 700 years. The most important thing is that the Longji Ancient Zhuang Village preserves the largest scale of Diaojiaolou wooden houses and stone carving culture of Zhuang ethnic group in China. Nowadays it still remains its simple and authentic ethnic looks and culture, because it is only recently developed and opens to tourists.

When you travel to the Longji Ancient Zhuang Village, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the rice terraced fields in front of the village. The scenery is various in different weather and in four seasons. Residents grow rice and potatoes in the fields. And they still live with the traditional way of farming.

Here you also can experience the authentic local life by visiting local house and talking with local people. Their houses which called Diaojiaolou are very unique. Diaojiaolou could be translated as stilt house, long footed house or suspending building built on the mountain slope. it is a kind of wooden house built by the ethnic people in mountains areas. They were built by the mountain slopes, and supported by wooden columns over the ground. They can protect against snakes or bugs and damp proof. Besides visiting inside the house, visitors can talk with the residents (your tour guide can do the translation) while tasting their hand-made tea.

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