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Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan province and has four administrative area under its jurisdiction: Yongding distrist, Wulingyuan district, Cili county and Sangzhi county. Zhangjiajie, located northwest of the source of Lishui River. Zhangjiajie is between the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau uplift and the settlement area of Dongting Lake. It is at the hinterland of the Wuling Mountain, with a total area of 9563 square km. The mountain climate is subtropical monsoon humid climate prototype, the average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, it is pleasant all the year round.

Zhangjiajie has a long history and beautiful scenery. Zhangjiajie city population is over 1.53 million, of which Tujia, Bai, Miao, Dong and Yao and other ethnic minorities are accounted for 64% of the city.

Zhangjiajie is rich in tourism resources, including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, Tianzishan nature reserves, and Wulingyuan scenic spots. In addition, there are natural and cultural attractions in the city, the "soul of Wuling" Tianmenshan, Maoyan River, Jiutian Cave, National Nature Reserve Badagongshan, Puguang Temple and Mt Wuleishan.

Zhangjiajie was not known to outsiders before 1908's. At end of 1979 the painter Wu Guanzhong, found in this magical land, it becomes world famous ever since. Zhangjiajie becomes a large-scale tourist resort for mountain tour, cave exploration, rafting, ethnic style performances and other integrated tour activities.

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