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Half-Side Ferry, Guilin

Not very far from the Crown Cave on the western bank, a huge rock descends into the river and cuts off a footpath by the water edge. Villagers have to take a ferry to reach the other side and continue on their way. It has been named Half-Side Ferry. The ferry precipices of the Half-Side Ferry are cut so smoothly that they seem to have been cut by a knife. It is a rare natural occurrence.

At Half-Side Ferry, mountain peaks tower towards the sky and the river flow dwindles. Surprisingly, trees and grasses take root between the narrow veins in the rock, beautifully growing against the stony backdrop as if hand-painted.

Opposite Half-Side Ferry is a village called Langzhou Village. Occasionally ferryboat cross the river, and when this happens three ports are used. Locals joke about this saying, "One ferryboat crosses the river, but needs to land three times."

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