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Guilin Xixiang Mosque

Originally built in 1907, Xixiang Mosque is also called Northeast Mosque. Xixiang Mosque was once the personal property of businessman Ma Rongxi on Shuidongmen Street in Guilin, who willingly donated it to build a mosque.

Xixiang Mosque covers an area of about 333 square meters, all the former buildings of which were burned by Japanese army when Guilin was occupied. In 1947, Muslims in Guilin donated money and Xixiang Mosque was finally rebuilt on its original site. The new Xixiang Mosque contains two yards. Entering the main gate, on both sides are dormitories. Passing the atrium, a two-floor building can be seen. The prayer hall is set on the second floor and the lecture halls on the ground floor. On top facing the prayer hall is an octagonal acute arch. Glass windows are set on both side of the main hall, and the ground is brushed with vermeil paint, clean and spacious, making it an ideal place to pray. Over the building are the backyard and the water house.

At present, there are about 1500 Muslims living in the community of Xixiang Mosque, of whom are Hui nationality.
Guilin Xixiang Mosque
Guilin Xixiang Mosque

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