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Basumtso Lake

Basum (Draksum) Tso is also named as Cuogao Lake meaning green water in the Tibetan language. Located within Gongbugjiangda County, it is about 300 kilometers to the east of Lhassa and 20 kilometers to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. The lake is 3700 meters above sea level and covers a surface area of 27 square kilometers. About 50 kilometers to Gongbugyangda in the deep valley of the upper reaches of Bahe River, it is a famous holy lake of the Nyingma Sect.

The lake is surrounded by mountains and enjoys a temperate climate. At the feet of the snow-clapped mountains, the vegetation is luxuriant and the trees of black maples, birches, pines, cypresses and azaleas connected each other to form a world of greenery. Basum Tso is about 18 kilometers long and has an average width of about 1.5 kilometers. The deepest point of the lake reaches 120 meters. The lake surface does not ice up in winter. The replenishment of the lake water comes from the rainfall and melting snow and ice. The lake is rich in the resources of water conservancy.

At the center of the lake on an islet, there is a monastery, which was founded in the 17th century. Today, the monastery mainly houses Maitreya and Chenrezi. However, centuries ago, monks carved Buddhist figures and animals into the reef, bordering the small island making the small island a worthwhile stop to this beautiful highland treasure in Tibet known as Basum Lake.

Tips:1.Admission fee: 50RMB

2.For foreigners, you need have a permit before you head to Basum-tso.

3.It takes about 7 hours from Lhasa to get there. You can have a stay at the lake side, but the hostel is very limited and you can bring your own tent with you. Or you can stay the nearby town Bayi.

Basumtso Lake
Basumtso Lake
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