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Gudong Waterfall and Forestry Park

Gudong Waterfall, situated in the Gudong Forest Scenic Area, is 25 km away from Guilin city. Gudong Waterfall Group is the only one waterfall group formed by underground water (spring) in China. The water of the waterfall is clear and clean.

The Gudong Forest Waterfalls include a group of underground springs measuring 800 meter long, coming together in a spectacular multistage 90 meter plunge; a carbonate cliff area; and a waterfall with a calcium deposited surface which grows higher year after year. Deriving from underground spring, this waterfall is separated into nine stages due to the special landform. Not just for sightseeing as most of the waterfalls, this amazing waterfall provides tourists with another interesting entertainment - waterfall climbing! That is really fresh and exiting, and the CCTV (China Central Television) reported that "It is a touchable waterfall". In summer days, many tourists, especially the youth, are always wild about challenging this special adventure without taking thought for getting wet. While climbing, people may meet some difficulties and need others' help with moving up, so it is considered as both entertainment and a kind of teamwork. But is it possible to do it in cool or cold days? Yes, if you like and are brave enough! Just as some people say "It is a cool thing to taste it in winter!".

In the foreground of Gudong Forest Waterfalls there are striking sights including an environmental square, a calcified waterfall group, a jungle area dotting across the forefront, and a forest area whose vegetation has been kept in tact over the years. These four sights make of a peerless sight-seeing attraction. The forest area covers about 1000 acres and features primitive forest areas. The ancient trees grow extremely high. Red maple is attractive. It is the closest waterfall to the city and also a good place for mountain climbers and hikers.
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