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Nujiang Grand Canyon

Nujiang River, originating from the south foot of Tangula Mountains, Qinghai Province, is flowing through Tibet and Yunnan, across the border to Burma and finally into the Indian Ocean. The section located in Yunnan Province surges ahead between the Gaoligong Mountain and the Biluo Snow Mountain, which are both at an average altitude of over 3000 meters. Due to huge drop and rapid torrent, the river appears extraordinarily spectacular. With dangerous cliffs on both mountains, the river gallops towards the south like a horse with a huge water discharge 1.6 times of that of the Yellow River every year on average, striking out an oriental grand canyon combining imposing and steep mountains and deep valley.

Influenced by the southwestern monsoon climate in Indian Ocean, the Nujiang Grand Canyon enjoys a vertically distributed climate diversified in seasons and weather conditions. In the valley there are luxuriant forests as if in hot summer, on the hillside there are beautiful flowers and yellow grass enjoying their spring or autumn days, while the top of mountain is completely a snow-capped winter view. The Nujiang River is encircled with the Biluo Snow Mountain in the east, the Gaoligong Mountain in the west and their stretches in north and south. Characterized by multiple rushes, dangerous shoals, gorges, streams, waterfalls, bamboos forests and mountains amid clouds along the river, it is like a book which reveals the human and natural history of the area and from which you get different inspirations through different perspectives. Nujiang Grand Canyon boasts dozens of extraordinary natural wonders, among which the "Stone Moon" scenic spot is the most fantastic.

the Nujiang Grand Canyon
the Nujiang Grand Canyon
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