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Huagang Park

Huagang Park, or Viewing Fish in a Flowering Harbour, is located on a peninsula between the Inner Lake and the Small Southern Lake. As a private garden of a court attendant in the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279) when a small creak flowed down from the nearby Huajiashan Hill, its fish and flower views inspired some of the Imperial painters to chose for landscape paintings, hence the name.

Huagang Park
Huagang Park

There are four sections in the park: the Peony Yard, the Red Fish Pool, the Thick Forest Zone and the New Flower Harbor.

Huagang Park is a recreation resort for viewing goldfishes. The Red Fish Pool is full of flowers and plants. The fish are playing in the water and breeze is bringing petals, forming a poetic scene of "flowers touching the fish and the fish kissing the flowers".

Huagang Park
Huagang Park

With reconstructions, the garden has been enlarged to 21. 3 hectares since 1949. Now the garden consists of seven sections, such as the Old Site of the Fishpond, the Golden Fishpond the Peony Garden etc. Beautifully decorated, especially the noted 'fish view', Huagang Park remains as one of top attractions in Hangzhou.

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