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Liuku Town, Yunnan

Liuku Tour is a famous ancient town in Yunnan provice. Liuku Town is situated at Lushui County and it is the first town of Nujiang Grand Canyon in Nujiang Prefecture. Liuku Town is closed to Biluo Snow Mountain in the east, Myanmar in the west, Shangjiang Town and Laowo Town of Lushui County in the south, Daxingdi Town and Luzhang Town in the north. Liuku is the cultural, polictical and economy center of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. The lowest elevation in Liuku is 300meters, and the highest 800 meters. It is 612KM from Liuku to Kunming.

There's not much to see in Liuku itself; it is merely a transit point for visits up to the Nujiang Gorge in Fugong and Gongshan. Liuku lies on the Nu River, which eventually meets up with the Lancang and the Dulong rivers to form the Three Rivers Natural Reserve, farther north.The landscape up here is amazing and most people head to Liuku to carry on north toward Nujiang Gorge. Sights include Gaoligong Mountain, Biluo Snow Mountain, Single Dragon River, and Heipupolo Pass. Ethnic minority groups inhabit the region in their austere, ancient abodes where there are minimal tourist facilities.

Liuku Town
Liuku Town
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