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Jinkeng, Longji

Jinkeng, Longji
Jinkeng, Longji

There is another famous Jinkeng Rice Terraces, which is home to Yao minorities. Jinkeng Rice Terraces are located around 25 miles (40 km) away from Longsheng. There are several villages in Jinkeng terraces. The first village at the foot of the mountain is Dazhai Village. Here tourists may feel the local lifestyle and unique culture of this minority. Climbing up the hill for about one hour, you will arrive at Tiantouzhai village, where you will have a panoramic view of the spectacular Jinkeng rice terraced field.

Jinkeng Rice Terraces - Dazhai Rice Terraces is higher, wider, and more beautiful, spectacular than Longji Terraces in Ping'an - Dragon's Backbone rice Terraces.

There are three main scenic spots in Jinkeng, they are No. One Scenic Spot (West Hill Shaoyue), No. 2 Scenic spot (Thousand-layer Ladder to the Sky), No. 3 Scenic spot (Golden Buddha Top). Three scenic spots composed to be semi-round shape, No. 1 scenic located in the middle between No. 2 and No. 3. No one scenic spot is the best place to watch the sunrise, where is also the best and top place to admire the most beautiful scenes surroundings, so a lot of photographers are fond of there best, coupled with the changes of weather, the whole sceneries in the Terraced Paddy Field are always changing.

Jinkeng rice terraces and villages here has not been known to many tourist, the facilities here are not so convenient, about 30 minutes extra drive then to Pingan village, muddy and bumping road, that is part of the reason why most of the drivers and tour guides will not take visitors to this remote village.

Best times to go Spring , in May and June, is the best time, when the amazing green rice terraces are filled with water. Autumn, in Sept. and Oct. , offers a different color of the striking rice terraces.
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