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Yichang Museum

Located in Yiling Avenue in Yichang City , Hubei Province, Yichang Museum covers an area of 9700 square meters. Its displaying building is a three-story building in the style of ancients. It was built in 1980, and the new museum building was finished in 1993 and open to the pubic.

There are mainly three exhibition halls in the museum, with a total area of 920 square meters, displaying altogether 617 pieces of relics, 230 photos and drawings and 100 pieces of words. First, in the display content, the highlight of local relics was selected, such as Changyang people's fossils which was existed in primitive culture; Chengbeixi Culture ,one of the earliest primitive cultures in the era of middle reaches of the Yangtze River; Daxi Culture which had parallel development with the Yangshao Culture along Yellow River etc.

Secondly, the color design is full of expression. With the warm color in halls and corridors, the audience will feel a warm and greeted atmosphere here. Walking into the first exhibition, you will have the feeling of returning back to nature because the whole exhibition hall was stressed by the light green. And the second exhibition hall is full of red following the Chu People' favorite color. And the third one with dark yellow, symbolizing the unity of the nation.
Yichang Museum has a collection of more than 30,000 pieces cultural relics, among which 17035 pieces was found by archaeologists in Yichang region and 95 pieces are belong to the first-class relic in China. The exquisite collections have been displayed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris and other places.

Yichang Museum
Yichang Museum

This modern name plate at the Yichang Museum has been created in a very traditional style.

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