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Mangshi, Tengchong

Mangshi is a town under the jurisdiction of Luxi, which is the capital of the Deihong Dai and Jingpo Nationalities autonomous Prefecture. In Manshi, you will find are the language, the costumes and the living customs are more like those in Burma, laos or Thailand. The scenic spots to see in Mangshi are temples of Hinayana Buddhism, like Wuyun Temple, Foguang Temple, Temple in a Banyan tree and Sati Temple. The other spots include Sanxian natural cave, hot spring and mangjiu dam.

Travel to Mangshi (luxi) - Getting There
Mangshi (Luxi) is best accessed by flying to Mangshi Airport, just out of town. It is a 50-minute flight from Kunming, the Yunnan capital. Bus travel along the G320 highway from Kunming is 10 hours and the borders are about 2 hours southwest by bus.

Side trips from Mangshi (Luxi)
Burma border:the closest border town is Wanding, while Ruili is the main one farther down the G320. There are some decent markets here and excursions into Burma.

Foguang Temple
Foguang Temple
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