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Dieshuihe Waterfall Park

1 km away from the county, Waterfalls of Dieshuihe is a part Tengyue tourism culture garden and is one of the twelve scenic spots of Tengchong-- "Screen of Dragon Cave". The waterfalls are 46m high which is the only volcano barrier waterfalls in the city of China.

Dieshuihe Waterfall originated from Daying River, northeast of Tengchong County. There is an inscription of four Chinese characters - Jian Sao Feng Yan, carved on a cliff beside the waterfall, in which the calligrapher compared the waterfall to "a sword that sweeps away the dense miasma". The Dieshuihe Waterfall leaps down over a precipice at the outlet of the Dayinjiang River. Arching the river before it is the famous Taijiqiao Bridge. Seen from the bridge, the waterfall is heart-shaking.

Standing in the water-viewing balcony, enjoying the landscape, reading the long couplet and reviewing the history of important town--Tengchong, it may arouse your poetic mood and exuberant spirit.

Dieshuihe Waterfall
Dieshuihe Waterfall
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