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Rehai Hot Spring Park

Rehai hot spring Park also called the Hot Sea, with an area of 8 sq KM (3 sq miles) lies 10 KM (6 miles) south of the seat of Tengchong. The main attraction there is called Dagunguo (Big Boiling Bowl), a large spring that reaches a temperature of 97 degrees centigrade. Locals offer visitors eggs cooked in the spring's heat. Hot water is ejected intermittently into the nearby streams with a thunderous roar. The water in the hot spring contains a wide variety of minerals, and the sulphur in it benefits our skin and body very much. Among the numerous smaller springs and geysers, the park also has cooler springs suitable for a swim, including Frog Mouth, Lion Head, Pearl Spring and Drum-beat Spring.Nowadays, the Hot Sea has become a popular place for tourism, vacationing and rehabilitation.

The Hot Sea
The Hot Sea
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