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Heshun Old Town, Yunnan

Heshun is a beautiful old village border with Myanmar. As many overseas Chinese' ancestors lived in 600-year-old Heshun, almost every resident in the town has friends and relatives abroad, Despite its remote location near China's border with Myanmar, the town has always had connections to the outside world. Neighboring Myanmar is famous for its jade, and Heshun has been a trade center for this precious stone since ancient times.

Heshun topped China Daily's list of the country's Top Ten Charming Towns. Domestic tourism is booming and it seems there's more to come. how to get Tengchong : Sleeper buses run from Kunming's Long Distance Bus Station (on Beijing Lu) to Tengchong and can take up to 18 hours. Another possibility is breaking up the journey at Baoshan en route. Local buses run frequently between Baoshan and Tengchong (4-5 hours).

Staying in Heshun: There are a number of basic (clean beds, outside bathroom) and cheap (15-30 yuan) accommodations throughout the village.

Heshun Old Town
Heshun Old Town
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