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Zhengzhou, formerly called Zheng County, is a prefecture-level city, and the capital of Henan province, People's Republic of China. It also serves as the political, economic, technological, and educational centre of the province, as well as being a major transportation hub for Central China. It lies on the southern plain of the Yellow River.


Located just north of the province's center and south of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou borders Luoyang to the west, Jiaozuo to the northwest, Xinxiang to the northeast, Kaifeng to the east, Xuchang to the southeast, and Pingdingshan to the southwest. It is geographically the center city of China.

Zhengzhou is situated to the south of the Yellow River where its valley broadens into the great plain and at the eastern extremity of the Xionger Mountains. Zhengzhou is at the crossing point of the north-south route skirting the Taihang Mountains and the mountains of western Henan and the east-west route along the southern bank of the Yellow River.

Close to the Yellow River to the north, bordering the Songshan Mountain to the west, and adjacent to the Huanghuai Plains to the southeast, Zhengzhou is covering a total area of 7446.2 square kilometers , including city area of 1013.3 square kilometers and built area in central city area of 147.7 square kilometers.

The land descends from west to east. Its west is characterized by mountains and hills whereas the east is mostly of plains. There are 35 big and small rivers and streams, which belong to the two big water systems of the Yellow River and Huaihe River, respectively. The section of the Yellow River flowing through Zhengzhou extends 150.4 kilometers.

The capital city of Henan Province, Zhengzhou is located in the middle of China, about 760 km (about 472 miles) south of Beijing and 480 kilometers (about 298 miles) east of Xian. After the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou to Lianyungang) and Jingjiu Railway (Beijing to Kowloon) were completed, their intersection, Zhengzhou, became a vital transportation hub. Thanks to this important position, the city has prospered.


Zhengzhou experiences a humid subtropical climate. Zhengzhou has four clearly-defined seasons, with cool and dry winters, hot and humid summers, warm and early springs, and mild autumns. The area's climate is also monsoon-influenced, meaning that precipitation is heavily concentrated in the months of May to September. The city also has wetter and drier seasons, with the "wet season" falling between April and October and the drier season covering the remaining months. Zhengzhou has an annual average temperature of at 14.7 degree, but it's highest average monthly temperature is 27.3 degree in July and it's coldest monthly average temperature is 0.7 degree in January. The annual precipitation is about 630 mm, with on average 220 frost-free days and about 2200 hours of sunshine per year.

Culture and tourism

As an ancient Chinese capital and a traditional trading center, Zhengzhou maintains abundant cultural heritage that reflects its glorious history as well as the culture of Henan Province. Zhengzhou Confucius Temple, initially built in the Eastern Han Dynasty 1900 years ago, is one of the oldest Confucius Temples in China. Other important architectural heritage in the city includes the Remains of the Shang Dynasty, Town God Temple, and Erqi Memorial Tower. There are the remains of the Shang Dynasty capital city (3,600 years ago) in Zhengzhou's east side located around Shangcheng lu.

Erqi (February 7) Memorial Tower. Museum inside a rather garish double pagoda that looms over February 7 Square. Inside there are exhibits explaining the city's development.

Shang Dynasty Wall. You can see remants of the wall in the east side of town. Be warned: these mounds are not terribly impressive.

Shaolin Temple, (In Song Mountains, about two hours from Zhengzhou, buses leave opposite the train station every 20-30 minutes all morning. Many of the bus tickets are actually tours, that may spend most of the day at auxiliary sites or eating lunch instead of the Shaolin complex, these tours do not include entrance fees, try to make sure you are going on a direct bus, or hire a van, if you want to see it on your own). Famous for its connection to Shaolin Kung Fu.

Henan Provincial Museum, Nongye Road. This monolithic pyramid-shaped museum is worth a visit. Learn about ancient civilizations in the area (most of which were not based in Zhengzhou, but nearby cities such as Kaifeng and Luoyang), and even see a dinosaur bone or two in the area. The museum is one of the three key museums in China along with one in Beijing. If you are into modern art, this is not the place for you. It generally has acceptable squat toilets on the first floor. There is an English audio tour you can rent, and there are cheapish lockers to store your stuff. Come to see old pottery from the Song dynasty, old bells, bronzes, things like that, but anything more recent does not have English captions. Across the street is a coffee house that makes OK tea and coffee for about 30 RMB and has comfortable chairs. Free. edit
Henan Museum of Science and Technology. Fascinating insight into Chinese children's education. Play on crumbling science exhibits, gawk at the garish space tributes and meet local families.

Zhengzhou Zoo. More depressing than it is impressive in any way. Some of their imported animals include turkeys and coyotes which might be interesting for a local but hardly for a foreigner. If you generally enjoy zoos, you may very well walk away sad at how the animals are cared for, or not in this case.

There are large water, light and music shows on display in Zheng Dong Xin Qu (New Eastern District) during the weekend at 8.30 pm in the summer and 8:00 pm during the winter months. The show is about 25 minutes long and is free of charge. People would have to arrive before 8.00 for a seat. The show times can change from 8:00 and 8:30 without warning.

Yellow River Scenic Area, (Take a bus from Zhengzhou Railway Station). 8AM-6PM. Scenic area consisting of five scenic spots, Five Dragons Peak, Camel Mountain Range, Yueshan Temple, Stone Figures, and the Ancient City of Liubang and Xiangyu.

Renmin Park, Erqi Road. Has a theme park inside with a quaint Ferris Wheel that is worth riding, if only to remember, for a moment, that you are indeed alive and well in this Chicago - or Detroit - of China.

Century Park (Shirchiquanleyuan), (20-30 minutes away from the Erqi square). Another park worth going to. It is quite a huge amusement park.

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