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Bai Tie-Dyed Cloth Work Shop

Tie-dyeing originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago. Being one of the locations of this craftsmanship, Zhoucheng Village near Butterfly Spring in Dali Old City is famous as the 'Hometown of Bai People 's Tie-dyeing Art'.

How to make a Tie-dyed Cloth

The materials used are white pure cotton or white fabric of cotton and flax. The colorant of dyeing is indigo - blue extracted from dyeing -yielding herbs. The procedures include designing, painting, tying with thread, dip - dyeing, removing thread, poaching and trimming. Blue and dotted with white flowers, the cloth looks elegant and vivid. The patterns of the cloth are usually the ordinary flowers, birds, insects and fish.

The dyeing process involves first soaking the 'knots' into clear water, followed by immersing them in the dye vat for a period of time before taking them out to dry. After drying, they are again put back in the dye vat and the process is repeated until a satisfactory color is achieved. Once dried, stitches are taken out of the knots and the cloth is smoothen out to reveal that part of the cloth which was sewn and form beautiful flower patterns and the dye crease marks.

The characteristics of the production are that the cloth is distributed to individual families in which the procedure of ty-ing with thread is done. Then they are collected back for dyeing and other procedures.

Bai Tie-Dyed Cloth Work Shop
Bai Tie-Dyed Cloth Work Shop

These products are very popular among domestic and foerign visitors and are therefore exported to Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
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