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Shaping Market, Dali

Shaping Market is on the north of the Butterfly Spring, on the foot of the Mt. Cangshan, and off the north bank of Erhai Shaping market and Xizhou. About 30 kms north of Dali is Shaping town which offers a lively weekly market with plenty of local color. The market starts early. A great chance to see local farmers out in force and literally watch plenty of horse trading.

The long-historical Shaping market is ratified by the government of Yunnan province to trade cultural relics inferior to the third class. Multitudinous curios, jade article, embroider are sold there, alluring many tourists around the country and abroad. Therefore, it got the reputation of "the foreigners' street". In addition, if one wants to travel from to Lijiang or Shangti-la, he has to pass Shaping Market. Each year, more than 10 million tourists pass by the Shaping Market.

Shaping Market
Shaping Market
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