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Shigu Town, Lijiang

Shigu means Stone Drum in Chinese Pinyin. Shigu is 50 kilometers from Lijiang. It was named after a stone tablet in the shape of a drum. Shigu in Chinese is Stone Drum.

The Jinsha River does a U-turn at Shigu Town and flows northward, Then it changes the direction and goes to the northeast. The curveture of this turn almost reaches a 140 degrees of angle. It is the First Bend of Yangtze Rier known throughout the world.

Jinshajiang River flows at great speed down to Shigu and then with the width of the river enlarged from here, the speed of the water gradually comes down and makes Shigu a natural ferry. Shigu is always an important part of the Tea-horse Road. From thiis place, people can go south to Dali and north to Tibet.

Stone Drum Town is a historically important town on the ancient trade route for tea and horses between inland provinces and Tibet. The town still features a flourishing trade fair, currently held every three days.

Shigu Town
Shigu Town
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