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Tianjin Nanshi Food Street

Covering 25000 square km, Tianjin Nanshi Food Street is located in the old Shopping area in the Centre of Nanshi. Like a Palace in a rich Folk style, the 2-storey Nanshi Street is like a Shopping Mall except that it's full of food, well-known as the biggest Food Emporium in China, catering for both Popular and Special Food.

Delicacies from all over the Country can be found here, such as dishes and flavours of Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Hunan and Jiangsu. One can even sample the unusual Chinese cuisines like the Snake and Dog. Besides, the Street also serves Russian, Italian, German and English cuisines. There're also many local snacks of Tianjin available in the many Sweets Shops in the Nanshi Food Street. In addition, there're the Street stores selling all kinds of stuffs like toys, Chinese stuffs and Souvenirs.

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