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Yao Mountain in Guilin

Yaoshan Mountain lies in the east of Guilin, 12 km from downtown. It is the highest mountain in Guilin at 903.3 meters. It received its name from a Yao emperor temple, which was built the top of the mountain in the Tang dynasty.

Yao Mountain is well-known as its dreamy and colorful scenes in different seasons. In spring, the whole hill is spread with azaleas which make the hill more beautiful; In summer,the bamboo trees grow up,like blue forestsea; In autumn, there are red maple,purple cypress and yellow wild chrysanthemum; In winter,there are flying snow and jade-like trees. On the top of hill, looking around, the rice field before hill likes a crystal mirror, the villiage emerges in a charming scene, thousands of hills embrace each other and a river goes through the city.

The Mountain has several places of interest, including Yao Temple, White Deer Temple, Jade Breast Pond and Tianci Field. At the foot of the mountain is Jingjiang King Tombs complex. Covering over 100 square meters, there are 11 tombs for Kings and over 300 tombs for generals and imperial families and clans. This complex is one of the most famous attractions in the area.

The tram rail and cable way can be used for visiting Yao Mountain. The newest cable way and tram rail make the landscapes of Yao Mountain and modernized traffic implements to form an integration, which make the tour more comfortable and interesting.

Guilin Yao Mountain also called: Guilin Yaoshan Mountain, Guilin Yaoshan Hill

Written by Athena Lee
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