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2 Rivers and 4 Lakes, Guilin

Location:Down Guilin. It was the old city moat, a defense system in ancient time. The Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the newly dug Mulong Lake are all connected and linked together. With waterway transportation, this comprises Guilin's central round-the-city water system, known as "2 Rivers and 4 Lakes ". More than 1,000 years ago, a complete moat river system was formed in Guilin. Water recreation and tourism had been highly fashionable during the Tang and Song dynasties.
2 Rivers and 4 Lakes, Guilin

However, as history took its course, the waterways were silted up, rivers and lakes were separated and hindered, water quality became bad and cultural relics were buried. The great concept of Guilin on the water didn't exist any more.

But now, the 2 Rivers and 4 Lakes made a come-back. The recreated thousand-year old Waterway and its combination of historic and modern culture, Guilin's galaxy of natural attractions and an ecological harmony between man and nature now all coexist. The wonderful scenery of the water city as described in a poem, "A thousand hills stand around the city, a river flows through it" has now reappeared.

Edited By Lawrence Photograph taken by Lin Wenhong
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2 Rivers and 4 Lakes Photo
Bridges, Ronghu Lake
Twin Bridges, Ronghu Lake
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2 Rivers and 4 Lakes, Guilin